Doctor Mark Andrews shows 3 steps to reactivate your fat-melting hormone

( ANd you can start losing all the pounds you want today!)


What will you get?

Protocol 1: Waking Up Dormant Hormones

Here you’re gonna learn the right nutrients and ingredients to stimulate the production of the 7 dormant hormones and force your body to melt the stubborn fat that was previously being stored as energy. There are various tips, tricks and proven techniques to take your metabolism to its maximum potential.

Protocol 2: Liquid Combinations

You will receive an arsenal with more than 50 simple and easy-to-make liquid combinations that will instantly increase the production of the fat-melting hormone, Glucagon.

Protocol 3: The Big Villains

Here you will receive a guide with the 3 main mistakes that may be blocking your metabolism and you don’t even know (90% of patients who have a lot of difficulty losing weight commit at least one of these errors).

As a bonus, I also added the most dangerous foods to your metabolism function, and that you should eliminate from your diet yesterday!

Protocol 4: Tropical Fruit

The 3 tropical fruits that together can increase levels of leptin, the satiety hormone by up to 93% in less than 24 hours.

You will see that this makes things much easier, because you are protected against any kind of compulsive desire, and then that dream body, slim and ripped usually comes even before expected.

Protocol 5: Secret cooking techniques

You will be surprised with the secret culinary technique that makes fatty foods lose their ability to fatten. This technique is used in kitchens specialized in making meals for diabetics.

Protocol 6: The secret of French models

I will tell you the secret that French labels hide from the world about how their models stay thin and slim throughout their lives. You may think it has to do with starving or something like that, but it’s such a silly thing that you will be shocked.


Check out the results from those who have already tested!


I've always struggled with my weight and tried many diets, exercises, and supplements to lose weight, but nothing seemed to work. Then I discovered the Metabolism Turbocharged Protocol and was impressed with the level of detail and information it provided.I learned how to awaken the 7 fat-burning hormones and started seeing results in the first week. The protocol helped me lose weight and keep my health on track. I've never felt better about myself and confident in my appearance.

Emma Thompson


The Metabolism Turbocharged Protocol completely changed my approach to weight loss. I used to do restrictive diets and extreme exercises, which always left me feeling tired and unmotivated. But the protocol taught me that the secret to losing weight is to awaken the 7 fat-burning hormones. With the help of the protocol, I understood how these hormones work and how to apply it to my daily life, now i had lose more then 21 Lbs and i feel like other woman.

Ashley Williams


I had a big problem with my metabolism and always found it difficult to lose weight. I tried many weight loss products before, but none of them worked. The Metabolism Turbocharged Protocol was different. It taught me how to awaken the 7 fat-burning hormones that were dormant in my body, and my health started to improve. I lost more than 24 lbs and feel healthier and more energetic than ever.

Rachel Parker


We want to ensure your satisfaction to the fullest, so we offer a 15-day window for you to decide whether it's worth it for you or not. If you decide it's not worth it for you, simply contact our team within that timeframe, and we'll refund 100% of your invested money. No red tape or difficulties!

Frequently Asked Questions

All course material is delivered through digital files with graphic and didactic designs designed in the most effective and simple way to be followed…

There are more than 300 pages of content and hundreds of tips and secrets you need to know to activate the fat melting hormone quickly and lastingly. And never have to start another diet again in your life…

In short, the protocol consists of a plan of specific techniques that aim to awaken all 7 fat-melting hormones in your body in a 100% natural way.

Which results in a process where your body starts using its own fat as a source of energy.

Thus, your body starts burning incoming fats all the time, 24 hours a day.

The time for the body to fully awaken the hormones varies from one person to another…

On average, by the fourth day of the program your body has already awakened the main hormone, glucagon, in addition to others…

So just by applying the techniques and releasing more and more hormones, your body will start burning fat from the first day of the diet!

So, in the first week you will already notice the difference!

Yes, the boosted metabolism protocol is very safe.

It was developed thinking to work safely in all biotypes, in addition to having been tested on more than 50 women who obtained expressive results and without any side effects.

Each organism works differently, so it’s difficult to stipulate an exact amount of weight loss.

However, it is common for people to send me testimonials telling me they have lost 10, 20 and in some cases up to 30 pounds following the system.

Our payment is processed by the largest online course payment and hosting platform in America, Hotmart, which has the same cutting-edge security and encryption at the time of transaction as the major banks in the world…

Your data couldn’t be safer!

Our company is a serious and 100% reliable institution. In addition to more than 7,000 students, we are recognized by the Goverment and we are a reference in our area!

The program has an unconditional super guarantee of 15 days.

If you regret purchasing the Turbocharged Metabolism Protocol Program for whatever reason, just send an email to our support…

That will guide you through the cancellation process and return 100% of your investment.

Not! You only pay once and you have access to the content for life…

Access is lifetime. Once you register, you can attend classes whenever and wherever you want…

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